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Zumex Versatile Pro All In One Cashless Commercial Orange & Citrus Juicer (Podium) - ZU-10285

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Product Information

Automatic citrus juicer with contactless payment systems. Perfect for offices, business centres and self-service areas that would like to offer freshly squeezed juice to employees or customers. Ideal for small spaces where a vending solution is not an option.

Compatible with the most accepted cashless payment methods.

The quickest and easiest way to enjoy the best juice. Pay with your mobile, bank card or corporate staff cards.

  • Built in cashless payment system via WIFI Zumex Connect
  • Self-feeding & Automatic
  • New 1 Step Extraction Kit: Makes juicing faster & easier. Remove the entire juicing mechanism in just 10 seconds without having to dismantle it piece by piece. 
  • Built in 52L waste disposal, internal bin on wheels for ease of use.
  • Easy cleaning: The mechanism can be cleaned in one piece, in a dishwasher or under the tap.

Product Video

Product Features

  • Programmable according to location and use.
  • Self-service Juicer starts by simply pressing the tap.
  • Programme the number of oranges to be squeezed, the process will start when the 'ON' button is pressed and will end when the cycle is complete.
  • Touch Control Panel enables the user to fully control the machine's function, providing superior control and improved service delivery.
  • New drip-free tap system.
  • Available in three colours: Orange, Silver and Graphite
  • New easily removable base, suitable for dishwashers

The innovations developed by Zumex research team include new electronics that offer two selectable operation modes, and a new easy-to-use touch screen display including a host of advanced features. In “self-serve mode”, you will be able to offer your customers the ability for making their own juice by simply pressing the newly designed tap, now featuring a drip-free system.

Alternatively by selecting the Professional Mode provides you with the option of pre-setting the program to squeeze a predetermined number of oranges every time it’s used. The squeezing process will start by pressing the ON button, and finish when the cycle is complete.

Zumex Versatile Pro enables you to configure many more functions – from a choice of 23 languages to the number of cups that have been served, and how amount many fruits have been squeezed to also generating an incident report if the unit requires technical service.

A further feature of the Versatile Pro Podium sits on its own stand, has a Feeder capacity that will hold up to 10kg of produce, and houses a peel waste bin that will provide added autonomy and freedom to service bars or restaurants makes it the ideal choice for hotel buffets and self-service establishments.

The choice of colours for the new Versatile Pro Podium Juicer offers real sophistication and striking look, in the classic Orange colour, or now also in Silver or Graphite. The Podium (stand) also matches these three colour assortments.


Because hygiene comes first, Zumex has committed to the latest in technology. The injection of liquid glass into some of its crucial machine parts allows for the total removal of all (99.9%) of bacteria which can be generated by its usage. ASP frees silver ions which, in a humid environment, are attracted by the bacteria entering its enzymatic membrane and removing it.

By using silver, which is known to be an anti-bacterial agent, in the manufacturing of the plastic component that comes into contact with the juice Zumex has been able to reduce bacterial growth making the whole process more hygienic and safe for the end-user.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 470w X 550d X 1650h mm
  • Weight: 87 Kg (net)
  • Mains Power: 240v | 50Hz
  • Motor Power: 0.43 HP
  • Energy Consumption: 0.3 kW / 2.7 Amps
  • Output Rate: 22 Fruits / minute
  • Diameter: Fruits | 65-81 mm
  • Capacity 1: Feeder | 10Kg
  • Capacity 2: Peel waste bin | 20KG
  • Configuration: 1STEP EXTRACTION KIT model
  • Electrical Protection: Motor Protection
  • Security: Double Magnetic detector
  • Warranty: 3 Years Parts + an additional 2 Years Parts upon warranty redemption / 1 Year on Labour

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