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Hallde RG-200 Vegetable Preparation Machine

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Product Information

The Hallde RG-200 is a high-volume vegetable prep machine with 45 different cuts possible. Slice, crimp, julienne, shred/grate & dice – 700 portions/day, 7kg/minute. Furthermore, the size of the machines makes it suitable to use directly on a kitchen workbench. The leaning design also means that the feed cylinder is always positioned at the right angle making it easy to top up and ergonomic.

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Type of preparation

Slices, dices, grates, shreds, cuts julienne, and crimping slices. Processes vegetables, fruit, dry bread, cheese, nuts, mushrooms, etc.


Restaurants, shop kitchens, diet kitchens, retirement homes, hospitals, schools, fast food outlets, catering, day care centres, salad bars, pizzerias, ships, etc.

Product Features

  • High volume vegetable preparation machine with 45 different cuts possible
  • Slice, crimp, julienne, shred/grate & dice – 700 portions/day, 7kg/minute
  • All metal machine housing & feed head
  • Ergonomic leaning design, easy to feed
  • Full moon-shaped feed head
  • Robust heavy duty machine
  • Table top model, handle enables easy moving
  • Machine table available separately
  • Speed 350RPM
  • 250W, supplied with cord and 10 Amp plug
  • RG-200-3PH (3 phase) available on application
  • Cutting tools with replaceable knife blade*

*Cutting tools need to purchased separately, no cutting tools are included. See available cutting tools further below.

Safe and quick top-ups
Thanks to the automatic start and stop function the machine stops as soon as the pusher plate is swung aside. When it is swung back the machine restarts and you can continue working. The RG-200 also has a full moon cylinder that can hold larger quantities and whole products. Features like these are a clear advantage, particularly when larger volumes are involved.

Double safety against unprotected cutting tools
If the feed cylinder is removed the power is cut. Thanks to this double security there is no risk of the machine starting with an unprotected cutting tool.

Developed for the best hygiene
The RG-200 is manufactured solely from hygiene certified material. The machine has smooth surfaces, rounded edges and has no unnecessary recesses where food might penetrate and get stuck.

Easy cleaning
For quick cleaning, all loose parts are simple to remove for easy rinsing of the machine. The feed cylinder is removable and can be cleaned under running water.

Only the best material
Machine base, feed cylinder and pusher plate are all made of robust metal. Only top quality stainless steel is used to manufacture the cutting tool knife blades.

Lightweight and easy to move
The relatively small size of the machine ensure that it does not take up a lot of space in the kitchen.  Furthermore the generously sized handle on the back ensures the unit is easy to move around the kitchen and in and out of storage.

Highest possible reliability
The powerful motor has a high starting and running torque and powers the direct-driven cutting tool. No belts or intermediate connections. The power from the motor goes via a maintenance free gear drive. This makes the RG-200 an exceptionally reliable machine – irrespective of the products you are preparing.

Cutting tools with complete register
Our wide range of cutting tools means the RG-200 can handle every conceivable task. You choose the cutting tool you need to improve efficiency throughout the kitchen. The RG-200 slices, dices,  shreds, grates, makes juliennes and crimping slices – everything from firm to soft products. The knife blades and grating plates are replaceable. As a result you do not need to buy new cutting tools.

Always perfect cutting results
The rotation speed of the cutting tools is optimised for cutting fine and even slices as efficiently as possible. The knife blades are purposely sharpened to avoid inertia or the edge breaking off.

Net weights
Machine: 16 kg.
Cutting plates: 0.5 kg.

Your easy way to get 3 years warranty
Complete the warranty registration form for all purchases of Hallde Food Preparation Machines in Australia and you are entitled to a 24 month warranty extension. This extension increases the warranty of your machine to three (3) years parts & labour. (Standard warranty is one (1) year parts & labour). Terms and conditions of the warranty applicable at the time of purchase apply to this Warranty Extension. Please refer to these original warranty conditions set out in the Owners Manual supplied with your machine.

Warranty Application Process
The extension application form must be completed and returned to Hallde within 30 days of purchase. Send the form, including a copy of your purchase invoice direct to Hallde  in Sweden.

Product Downloads

Model Details:

Model Number Description Power Current Dimensions
(w x d x h) (mm)
RG-200 Vegetable Preparation Machine 250W 10 Amp 385 x 475 x 755 $4,047


Available Accessories & Cutting Tools:

Please email us to order any additional cutting tools with your order.

** All cutting tools are dishwasher safe – Discs Ø 185 MM **

Model Number Description RRP AUD
RG-200 Accessories
HA1076 Wall Rack for 3 Plates/Grids $ 49
HA10037 Cleaning Brush $ 14
HA40721 Container Trolley, Stainless Steel, with handle, lockable wheels, adjustable level to suit gastronorm container 1/1-200. $1,011
HA1345 Angle Cut Feed head $953
HA1154 Pipe insert incl. Pestle $623
HA25270 Machine Table, Stainless Steel fits full gastronorm container $910
RG-200 Cutting Tools
HA63133 Slicer 0.5 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63058 Slicer 1 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63111 Slicer 1.5 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63116 Slicer 2 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63162 Slicer 3 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63091 Slicer 4 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63164 Slicer 5 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63096 Slicer 6 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA86028 Slicer 7 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63101 Slicer 8 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA86036 Slicer 9 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63106 Slicer 10 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA82519 Fine Cut Slicer 15 mm – blade replaceable $575
HA82395 Standard Slicer 20 mm – blade replaceable $602
HA82532 Soft Slicer 8 mm – blade replaceable $414
HA82510 Soft Slicer 10 mm – blade replaceable $414
HA82557 Soft Slicer 12 mm – blade replaceable $414
HA82554 Soft Slicer 15 mm – blade replaceable $414
HA63352 Crimping Slicer 2 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63353 Crimping Slicer 3 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63117 Crimping Slicer 4 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63355 Crimping Slicer 5 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63177 Crimping Slicer 6 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA63132 Julienne Cutter 2 x 2 mm – blade replaceable $342
HA63347 Julienne Cutter 2 x 6 mm – blade replaceable $342
HA63351 Julienne Cutter 3 x 3 mm – blade replaceable $342
HA63130 Julienne Cutter 4 x 4 mm – blade replaceable $342
HA63140 Julienne Cutter 6 x 6 mm – blade replaceable $342
HA63148 Julienne Cutter 8 x 8 mm – blade replaceable $342
HA63156 Julienne Cutter 10 x 10 mm – blade replaceable $342
HA83421 Grater/Shredder 1.5 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA83422 Grater/Shredder 2 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA83423 Grater/Shredder 3 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA83424 Grater/Shredder 4.5 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA83425 Grater/Shredder 6 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA83426 Grater/Shredder 8 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA83427 Grater/Shredder 10 mm – blade replaceable $312
HA83428 Fine Grater – blade replaceable $312
HA83430 Hard Cheese Grater – blade replaceable $312
HA83429 Fine Grater, Extra Fine – blade replaceable $298
Dicing Grids – use with appropriate slicers from above, as detailed below
HA83290 Dicing Grid 6 x 6 mm – use with 3 mm–6 mm Slicers $378
HA83291 Dicing Grid 8 x 8 mm – use with 3 mm–8 mm Slicers or 8 mm Soft Slicer $378
HA83292 Dicing Grid 10 x 10 mm – use with 3 mm–10 mm Slicers or 8 mm-10 mm Soft Slicers $378
HA83293 Dicing Grid 12 x 12 mm – use with 3 mm–10 mm Slicers or 8 mm-10 mm Soft Slicers $378
HA83294 Dicing Grid 12 x 12 mm Low – use with 12 mm Soft Slicer $378
HA83295 Dicing Grid 15 x 15 mm – use with 3 mm–10 mm Slicers or 8 mm-10 mm Soft Slicers $378
HA83296 Dicing Grid 15 x 15 mm Low – use with 12 mm-15 mm Soft Slicers or 15 mm Fine Cut Slicer $378
HA83297 Dicing Grid 20 x 20 mm – use with 3 mm–10 mm Slicers or 8 mm-10 mm Soft Slicers $378
HA83298 Dicing Grid 20 x 20 mm Low – use with 15 mm Soft Slicers or 15 mm Fine Cut Slicer $378
Recommended Cutting Tools with first purchase – RG-200
Kit 5* 2 Wall racks (HA1076), Slicer 1.5 mm (HA63111), Slicer 4 mm (HA63091), Grater/Shredder 2 mm (HA83422), Grater/Shredder 8 mm (HA83426)
Kit 6* 3 Wall racks (HA1076), Slicer 1.5 mm (HA63111), Slicer 4 mm (HA63091), Slicer 10 mm (HA63106), Grater/Shredder 2 mm (HA83422), Grater/Shredder 8 mm (HA83426), Dicing grid 10 x 10 mm (HA83292), Julienne Cutter 4 x 4 mm (HA63130)
*Individual items sold separately

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