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Healthy bliss balls, protein shakes, smoothies, green smoothie and acai bowls are all popular snacks and drinks at the moment. They are packed with good minerals and vitamins and are very easy to prepare when you have a good quality blender at your fingertips. With the constant growing popularity of raw foods and superfoods, investing in a high quality, commercial quality blender is a must. It’s certainly worth the higher price tag, as the old saying goes 'you get what you pay for' and will have you blending delicious, nutrient-packed smoothies and shakes in no time!

What can a high powered blender do?

More than just the conventional smoothie that’s for sure.

Creating tasty, healthy smoothies is something that’s on the rise and all health gurus and fitness advocates are successfully doing it with a high powered blender like the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders. It makes it easy to chop, crush ice and pulverise various fruits, vegetables and nuts and seeds to create a smooth and easily digested outcome.

If you’re ever visited your local hip café or a friend's house that is into thier health & wellness then no doubt you've witnessed a Vitamix or Blendtec Blender create smoothie or acai bowls. These delicious breakfast bowls usually start with a base ingredient such as frozen bananas, nut milk, yogurt, coconut water or avocados. From there your favourite fruits or a mixture of seasonal leafy greens can be added, such as spinach which is packed with good nutrition and anti oxidants. Good fats can also be added to your smoothie bowl in the from of chia seeds, coconut oil, hemp seeds or a nut butter. Superfoods are also very popular in smoothie bowls such as cacao and maqui which both taste amazing. To complete the smoothie bowl it's usually beautifully decorated with with a combination of either granola, fruit slices, shredded coconut and cacao nibs.

If acai bowls isn't your thing you can try your hand at bliss balls, cookie and baking doughs, pancake mixes, cake mixes, dairy free ice creams, hummus and other spreads and dips, sauces and hot soups. When you purchase a high quality, high powered blender you will quickly notice your unlimited creative potential in the kitchen.

Where to buy a certified, high quality blender brand in Australia with peace of mind.

As with all major brands and high quality products you will find many dodgy knock offs and counterfeit designs on the market that are of poorer quality and BEWARE sometimes these brands and sellers can be a scam. Blenders Online only choose the highest quality brands from around the globe that are electrically certified for Australia and are built to last. Blenders Online have a blender to suit any budget.

Consider purchasing a quality blender as an investment in your health. Most people spend thousands of dollars on a TV without flinching so why not invest in a high quality blenders that will benefit you and your loved ones health for many years to come. You can't put a price on good health and prevention is better than cure. 

Blenders Online is an Australian based company who offer a variety of blender brands to help you unleash your healthy creativity in the kitchen. We supply ongoing customer service to our loyal supporters and recipe advice and tips. We’ve been in the blending game for over two decades and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

If you have been considering investing in a high quality blender now is the time to action! Don’t delay any longer otherwise you will regret it. So, make room in your kitchen and get shopping with the blending experts - contact the friendly Blenders Online team today!

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