Blendtec Commercial Blenders

Looking for a new Blendtec commercial blender for your kitchen? Look no further than Blenders Online Australia.

An unfaltering dedication to innovation was how Blendtec Blenders was born. Tom Dickson was an innovation master long before he decided to build his first blender. He’s a lifetime inventor, entrepreneur and YouTube sensation with his popular YouTube channel "Will it Blend" having nearly 1 million loyal subscribers- nothing is going to stop him. Whether it’s rigging doorbells to make them open front gates or sprucing up go-karts with engines that rocketed them well past 80mph, Tom’s brain and ongoing passion for tinkering and innovation goes all the way back to when he was just a twinkle in his mother’s eye.

Currently Tom and the Blendtec team are pioneering tomorrow’s home and commercial kitchens, as they aren’t content to keep riding off past innovations. They’re constantly designing and engineering the next generation of kitchen technology and high performance blenders.

Blentec Blenders are of the highest quality and the Utah-based company are committed to the 400+ local families that they sustain. Blendtec engineer, design and assemble their blenders in Orem, Utah with components either manufactured in their very own warehouse or sourced from quality manufactures the USA. To find out more about how Blendtec Blenders are made please see this article:

What can Blendtec Blenders create?

Blendtec can make much more then the ordinary blender! Make room in your kitchen today for a Blendtec commercial blender and start creating delicious smoothies, hot soups, ice creams, nut butters, cake batters, homemade flours, acai bowls, dips and spreads…. The list is endless and this amazing blender will suit your every business blending need. 

Where is the best place to buy a Blendtec Blender?

Blenders Online is the largest exclusive online blending store in Australia offering only quality blending brands from all over the world. Blenders Online are the blending experts and work closely with Blendtec to ensure they can offer customers the best commercial blenders at the most competitive prices. The Blenders Online team have over 20 years in the blending business and will be happy to help you choose the right Blendtec model for your home or business. 

Blenders Online also offer a large range of Blendtec parts and accessories including spare containers and jugs, additional containers are great way to increase your businesses blending cycle output, meaning you can serve more customers and increase profits. Be sure to ask the Blenders Online friendly customer support team for a deal on a Blendtec package today!

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