Which Blender Should I Buy?

Which Blender Should I Buy? There are many blenders on the market and it can be daunting at first knowing which blender to choose from, however we have compiled a list of points to consider when purchasing what is going to become one of your favourite kitchen additions! Here are a few things to think about when spiraling into the vortex.

Which Blender Should I Buy? Points to consider when buying a blender.

Is it intended for Personal, Household or Business use? 

This is very important as Personal, Household and Commercial Blenders differ in power, features and warranty. For example, Household Blenders have longer warranties than commercial blenders and a household blender used in a commercial environment will most likely void your warranty.

Which Blender Type do I require?

Do you require a Countertop Blender which is the most common blender that sit on your bench top or are you looking for a Stick Blender for hand held blending purposes? If you're purchasing a commercial blender what will you be making mostly? Commercial Blenders can vary from Beverage Only Blenders (for smoothies, frappes, milkshakes etc.) to Food Preparation Blenders which are more all around blenders usually used by chefs back of house for culinary tasks (chopping, purees, acai bowls, soups, smoothies, nut butters, ice creams etc). Please note: Household Blenders are generally very versatile and can perform a wide array of culinary tasks.

Which Brand to choose?

At Blenders Online we only source the highest quality blenders from around the globe so which ever blender you choose to purchase, you can be assured it will be of the most paramount quality and highest performance. If you have received a recommendation for a blender then this is a great place to start in pointing you in the right direction, however, if you're unsure please just ask one of our friendly customer service members who will be happy to help you.

What Functions/Settings do I require?

Most Blenders come with manual controls in which you manually control the length of the blending time and switch the blender off when you're finished blending. However, some blenders also come with automatic pre-set timer settings and automatic shut off, where you don't have to worry about switching the blender off. Whilst some blenders (mainly commercial units) feature programmable functions/settings where you're able to program the blender (time and speed) to suit your needs. As a general rule, automatic and programmable blenders are more expensive as they have more electronic components, so please consider if you require automatic or programmable settings. Please note, the manual models will perform the same smooth consistency blend as the automatic and programmable models.

Is a Sound Cover required?

This point more relates to using a blender in a commercial environment. Sound covers are ideal in a commercial environment where the blender is being used front of house as you can still have a conversation with your customers. Blenders with sound covers are more expensive and this is why home blenders generally don't offer sound covers. Unfortunately, all high performance blenders are generally quite noisy due to the high power of the motor and fast blades smashing food and ice.

How many people will be using it? 

This is an important point to consider as Personal Blenders are perfect for singles, couples or for travelling whilst on the other hand, Full Size Blenders are more suited to families or larger households. Different models come with different size containers which reflects on the quantity you will be able to produce per blend. For business purposes you may require additional blenders or containers to meet your staff and customers needs.


The warranty can vary on each model so make sure you find a warranty that suits your needs. Double check if your machine has a commercial only warranty or a household use only warranty.


Depending on the size of your budget this will influence which blender you will be able to purchase. There is no need in purchasing a $2000+ commercial blender for home use and likewise you won't want to purchase a $200 blender if you plan on relying on this blender for hundreds of blends per day in a busy cafe.

At Blenders Online we have a blender to suit every budget. If you only have a small budget not to worry, you will find a range of affordable good quality entry level blenders for both household and commercial use. However, if you have a larger budget or are looking for a more premium blender, we also offer a range of mid to top of the line blenders from the best blending companies in the world.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask one of our friendly customer representatives.

Happy Blending!