Vitamix vs. Blendtec

Vitamix and Blendtec are two of the best-known companies when it comes to high-powered blenders, and are our two most recommended blending brands. Vitamix has been around for generations with 2021 marking their 100th Anniversary, making hot soups without a stove and promoting blending as a healthier way of life. Blendtec have been on the market for 45 years since engineer-inventor, Tom Dickson, set on a lifelong quest to build a blender that will not break. Vitamix and Blendtec are both superior quality (it doesn't get any better) and are both manufactured in the USA, and are found in over 120,000 commercial outlets worldwide. 

Which is better? Vitamix vs Blendtec

The new generation of Blendtec Blenders come with its patented Wildside container, so named because of its unique fifth side. This design creates a high-powered vortex in the centre of the container that pulls the food down into the blade for a smoother consistency. Blendtec’s blades are thick, blunt safety blades with wingtips, and come with a lifetime warranty. These blades are designed to eliminate the need of a tamper while blending. Blendtec's containers are incredibly durable, BPA-Free and made from Eastman Tritan Copolyester.

The new household Vitamix Ascent Series blending containers have an updated design that makes them easier and more efficient to use then the previous classic design. The most notable feature is the new Self-Detect wireless technology integrated into each Ascent container. This allows the blender base to 'talk' to the container, recognize the size of the container, and adjust the power level and blending time. Vitamix's Advance commercial blending containers are similar to Blendtec's design, they are not square like normal blending containers, and are designed to easily get ingredients blending without a tamper. All Vitamix containers are extremely durable, BPA-Free and also made from Eastman Tritan Copolyester.

Vitamix features blunt blades (but don't touch them as they can still cut you) with a slight taper on the edges. The blade is 4-pronged and has pointed tips. Vitamix blenders use a tamper tool to push thicker blends back down into the blades while blending which is handy when making nut butters and ice creams.

One of our best selling household models the Vitamix Ascent A2300i, features Vitamix’s classic manual speed-dial so you can control your blends the way you want them. The A2300i also includes 3 pre-sets for hot soup, frozen desserts, and smoothies. When a pre-set is selected, the new LCD timer counts down to show you how long until your blend will be done. The toggle switches for the play/pause blending and pulse function feel sturdy and satisfying to press.

The new household Designer Series from Blendtec sports a stylish, futuristic design with an all-touch screen interface. Easily press one of its five pre-programmed cycles and walk away while it blends. There is a dedicated pulse button and manual speed touch slider for blending at any speed you choose. The LCD shows how long you’ve been blending, or displays the time remaining on pre-programmed blends.

Both Vitamix and Blendtec use metal for the gear coupling on their blender jars and the drive socket on the blender base. This is one big reason these blenders last so long - the metal won't wear down like plastic does in cheaper blenders. 

Both Blendtec and Vitamix are high-powered blenders that offer pre-set programs, self-cleaning, and variable speeds. Both brands sell multiple models ranging in features, power, accessories, warranty and price. 

Hot Soups

Vitamix and Blendtec are both capable of making hot soups without you ever having to turn on your stove, and without a heating element! Those super-fast blades create so much friction, food heats up whilst blending, they can boil cold water in about 8-9 minutes.

Ice Creams

Vitamix is the clear winner when it comes to making ice cream. With the use of the tamper, Vitamix creates ice cream with a smooth consistency without having to start and stop or have the perfect frozen to liquid ratio prior to blending. Blendtec advertises that their blenders are tamper-free, but in this particular application, a tamper is beneficial. For very thick blends, the tamper processing tool helps circulate and push food into the blades. Blendtec do offer a Twister Jar designed for making nut butters and dips but it's not great for making larger ice creams.


Blendtec and Vitamix both offer great warranties for their products in Australia but Blendtec slightly trumps Vitamix in this department. Vitamix for business offers a 3 year warranty on parts and 1 year on labour and Blendtec offer a 3 year warranty on parts and labour, a 1 year warranty on the jar, and an amazing lifetime warranty on the blade. 

Vitamix for home offers a 5 year warranty on the Explorian Series and a 10 year warranty on the Ascent Series Blenders, and Blendtec offer a 8 year warranty on the Classic and Designer Series and a 10 year warranty on the Professional 800.

Where Vitamix wins: The essential tamper

Thick mixtures tend to form air pockets around a blender’s blades, so a tamper is usually essential to push the food down and break those pockets up, circulating the mixture into the blades. That extra circulation also speeds up the blending process.

A hole in the Vitamix container lid allows for the tamper to be used while the blender is running. While the Vitamix is working on creating a vortex itself, you can manually push ingredients from into the blades and scrape the sides of the container to ensure the smoothest consistency.

Where Blendtec wins: Stylish design, lifetime warranty on blade, and a quiet household model.

A shiny touchscreen display doesn't automatically guarantee that that appliance is better than one with old-fashioned dials and knobs, but some folks will choose the Blendtec simply because it looks better sitting on the counter of a stainless steel kitchen. Blendtec offers a lifetime warranty on the blade which in a commercial environment is a big deal, and Blendtec offer a quiet household model, the game changing Blendtec Professional 800.

The verdict: Blendtec & Vitamix both win!

Both brands are manufactured in the USA and in our opinion are the top 2 blending brands in the worlds, you wouldn't be disappointed with either brand in your home or business.

In a household environment we mostly prefer Vitamix over Blendtec due to Vitamix's tamper processing tool which is included standard with all models, and is an essential tool for blending large quantities of thick smoothies, bliss balls or dips. Both Vitamix and Blendtec are equal when making smoothies and soups, both can shred stubborn veggies and make a bomb green smoothie with ease. However, if you want a quiet blender for home use then you can't go past the Blendtec Professional 800, it's the quietest blender in the world and boasts the most advanced blending technology ever seen. Vitamix unfortunately don't offer a quiet household model so Blendtec have Vitamix covered here. 

In a commercial environment both Vitamix and Blendtec are equally amazing. They are both super powerful and offer a range of models including the best-selling Vitamix The Quiet One and The Blendtec Stealth 885 which are both crazy powerful and super quiet, and can found in smoothie bars and coffee shops all over the world including Boost Juice, Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, McDonalds, Subway, Charlies Raw Squeeze + a whole lot more.

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