Blendtec Blenders Australia

With a large range of blenders on the market in Australia why would someone choose a Blendtec Blenders over all other blenders? You may have seen Blendtec Blenders from one of the famous “Will it blend” videos that have gone viral in this digital world. It’s safe to say Blendtec Blenders can handle blending anything from rake handles to golf balls to iPhones.

That’s all well and good for show and the sake of a viral video but what really makes Blendtec standout over other blenders? Here’s some more information on Blendtec Blenders to help you make the right blending decision. 

Powerful Motor.

Crushing ice is no issue with the 3HP Motor. You won’t have troubles blending with the amount of power the Blendtec Range has (1560 watts / 6.5amps). From Golf Balls to Bliss Balls, Blendtec will guarantee you trouble free blending with more power than most.

Wet or Dry Ingredients, there’s still one container only.

Blendtec’s versatile Home Blender and BPA free jar helps you create recipes with both wet and dry end products. Other blenders require you to either change containers or the blades which can be quite fiddly and time consuming.

Smart Touch Technology which is a breeze to operate.

Blendtec Blenders completes the blend cycle with just one push of a button meaning you can get on with other kitchen tasks. It will automatically shut off when the cycle is complete. A lot of other blenders on the market have a more manual function.

Plunger Free Blending

The Blendtec’s patented jar design allows the ingredients to flow easily towards the blade which eliminates the need for a tamper / plunger / stick thingy…

Unique blade design

Blendtec have designed a blade that’s 80% thicker and 10 times stronger than competitors and it’s a breeze to clean. A strong blunt blade and a strong motor is the perfect culinary combination in the kitchen. Did I mention that Blendtec offer a lifetime warranty on their blades?? That's pretty amazing!!

Easy clean up

Wipe the control panel in seconds with no need to manoeuvre around control knobs. Blentec’s streamline touchpad eliminates the trouble of any mould and bacteria growing amongst old fashioned dials and knobs.

Cleaning the jar is simple too! Just add warm water and soap. Press the pulse button a few times and then rinse! We love an easy clean up.

Compact size which packs a punch

The Blentec’s tiny 39.3cm tall frame packs a serious punch with a 3HP motor. It will fit under most standard cabinets with its dimensions measuring 17.7CM (W) – 20.4cm (D)

Hardened Metal Drive Socket kit

Most competing brands have plastic drive sockets which break easily under minimal pressure especially in a commercial environment. The Blendtec Drive Socket kit is built to last with a life time warranty.

Versatile, compact appliance that packs a huge punch at a fraction of the cost.

Whip up ice cream, milkshakes, nut butters, smoothies, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, bread dough, dressings, salsas, sauces and frappes. It replaces a lot of other appliances in your kitchen which certainly saves you some dough! And we don’t mean bread dough ;)

Today, people all over Australia enjoy their Blentec Blenders in homes and commercial outlets and with Blendtec’s ever expanding blending knowledge and design innovation, at Blenders Online we are sure you won’t be disappointed when choosing Blendtec.